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Longarm Quilting Services

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Edge to Edge ( E2E)

Edge to edge quilting, also known as E2E quilting and all over quilting design, means that you will see the same design over the entire quilt. Because of its beauty and consistency, I exclusively offer E2E quilting. Pricing for E2E designs starts at $0.025/sq. in. Designs that are more dense or detailed are $0.0275/sq. in. and are indicated by “Deluxe Designs” in the gallery. 

To calculate the cost of your quilting, use this formula: 

Length of quilt (72”) x width of quilt (60”) x $0.025= Cost of quilting with one thread and no additional incurred fees.  If you choose a Deluxe Design, multiply by $0.0275 rather than $0.02. 

I also offer quilting help! I can work with you to find a design that enhances your quilt. Scroll down to fill out the E2E quilting request form.  

E2E Quilting Designs

Thread Options

You may request a specific thread color for Edge to Edge (E2E quilting) your quilt or I will select a blending thread color for you.  Blending thread colors that I usually select from are grey, off-white or cream, tan, and sometimes pastels, depending upon the coloring of your fabrics.  Quoted prices include one color of thread.  Additional colors of thread will be charged at $5/color.  I use Glide thread in my machine.

Preparing Your Quilt

There are several things that need to be done prior to sending your quilt for E2E quilting.  Each step helps ensure that your completed quilt will be something that meets your expectations.  Skipping or missing some of the steps can increase both the cost for repair and/or the turnaround time.   Your quilt backing must be at least four inches wider on each of all four sides to be loaded onto a longarm quilt frame and allow room for basting and testing quilt tension.  That means that if your quilt is 50” x 50”, your backing should be at least 58” x 58”.  Insufficient quilt backing size can result in workarounds that will delay completion and increase cost. 

  • Piecing: If you are piecing your quilt back, it is important to use a ½” seam allowance and press seams open.   

  • Please be sure your backing is square in order for your quilt back to be smooth and without puckers or tucks after quilting.  These things can be difficult and costly to repair.

  • If your quilt top is directional, please be sure to pin a note, indicating “Top” to the top of the quilt and/or to the top of the backing.   If no note is attached, I will assume that the backing and/or top is non directional.

  • Please be sure to trim all threads on the back of the quilt top.  Long threads can show through your fabric after quilting, especially if there is high color contrast between the thread and the fabric.

  • Press the seams on your quilt top in the best direction to decrease bulk.  This may include pressing seams open or possibly using a tailor’s clapper when pressing.  It is your choice how you want to address this, but keep in mind that multiple layers in one seam can create problems when quilting over them. 

  • If you have borders on your quilt top, please be sure all borders lay flat when your quilt top is laying on a large, flat surface, such as the floor or large table.  Wavy borders can be corrected by removing, measuring, removing excess border, and re-attaching.  I am happy to walk you through the process, or I can make the correction for a fee.  There are a few other options for correcting wavy borders and I am happy to discuss these with you to select a good option for your quilt, if needed

  • Batting for your quilt needs to be quality batting to assure that your finished quilt has beautiful drape, loft, and stitching and will need to be at least three inches greater on each side.  For example, using the same 50’ X 50” quilt that I referenced above, your batting would need to measure at least 56” x 56”.  I am happy to use what you provide, as long as you send a quality batting (such as Quilters Dream, Hobbs, Warm and Natural) or you may choose to purchase your batting from me.  I keep Quilters Dream batting on hand in a variety of weights and lofts.  If purchased along with quilting services, I am happy to provide you with a 15% discount on the batting. 

Packaging to Deliver to Me

  • The quilt top and backing need to be folded separately. It is best f your seams are folded to the inside.  Quilts sent to me should not be sandwiched together.

  • If you are shipping to me, please consider sending all items in waterproof packaging to prevent any possibility of water damage.  A disposable trash bag that closes may be a good option.

Quilting Process

As your quilt is loaded to the frame and E2E quilted, I will make every effort to ensure that your quilt is as square as possible, knowing that most quilt tops are not provided perfectly square. When your quilt is completed, I will take off the frame and trim any threads from the quilting process. I do not trim the backing or batting from the quilt when it is finished.  Anticipate that your turnaround time will be  three weeks from the time that I receive your quilt top.  That being said, the turnaround time will likely be a few days shorter.  If there is a deviation from this, I will discuss with you.  If you have a special need for the quilt to be completed sooner, please feel free to reach out so that we can discuss.

Quilting Services Request

Please fill out the quilting services request form so we can collaborate. After you complete the form I will respond back to you to review and discuss any additional details. I will send a final review and quote after we have agreed on all the details.

Preferred method of contact:
Is the top or backing a directional design?
If your top and/or back are directional, have you attached a note to the top or back indicating this infomation?

Edge to Edge Design

Select an option

Thread Color

Select an option


You can purchase Quilter's Dram batting from me at a 15% dscount with quiltng services.

Shipping / Delivery

How are you delivering?
Return shipping (if unable to pick up locally) - I use USPS Priority shipping to return your quilts if you aren’t able to pick them up locally. Priority shipping comes with $50 of insurance and you are provided with a tracking number. If you would like additional insurance, the cost of that service is outlined below.

All measures will be taken to provide a quality product. If minor issues such as fullness, holes, open seams, etc are identified they will be addressed. Issues requiring substantial correction will be discussed with you and estimated before completion.

Please allow 72 hours to receive a response

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